Encourage your student to experience the benefits of leadership

Nichols recognizes that leadership experiences offer a unique opportunity for your student to grow and develop self-confidence that will carry throughout his or her life.

As a result, we offer a wide variety of leadership options for your student to explore. Leadership opportunities include:

Leadership experience and internship helps Katie Swank ’12 land her job at EMC

Katie Swank says that being involved in the leadership of on-campus clubs and activities has been a great learning experience and helped her in her internship at EMC.

“Being president of the HR Club helped develop my leadership skills and ability to multi-task while juggling classes and other work. I also planned events with Nichols Alumni as well as trips to local companies. All of these experiences have helped in my responsibilities at EMC,” she says.

In addition, Swank says that her experience as a Teacher’s Assistant for the Professional Development Seminar (PDS) helped develop her communication skills while working with first year students in and outside of the classroom. “Being a TA for two years helped me learn how to be up in front of a class week after week building my communication skills. This was a great experience and something that has carried over to my job since I am in front of hundreds of students during the summer for events and speaking at EMC's new hire orientations,” she adds.