Graduate Assistants

Work Experience & A Lifetime of Knowledge

Nichols College offers a Graduate Assistant program where you can gain work experience and earn your master’s degree tuition-free at the same time. We offer mentorship opportunities and the chance to seamlessly join student life on campus. Grow your expertise and follow your passions here on The Hill! Our program aims to prepare you for today’s competitive workforce and help you achieve your mission to further your education.  

Our Philosophy

Graduate Assistants (GAs) at Nichols College are, first and foremost, grad students pursuing an education. Working with staff in administrative environments is an integral part of the learning experience and something we’re proud to offer.

Our GAs benefit educationally and professionally here. The financial support we provide through tuition remission is fueled by our goal to expand education and work experience opportunities for our graduate students. We’re committed to ensuring that GA positions are beneficial to both the student and the student’s chosen department.

Checklist for Graduate Assistants

  1. Complete your Graduate program application. In your application, please note that you’re applying for a graduate position and list the department you’re applying for.
  2. Apply to an open Graduate Assistant position through the Open Graduate School Positions link listed at the bottom of this webpage.
  3. Before you are interviewed by the Director(s) of your chosen program, you must be granted admission into our Graduate School. An offer from the Director(s) does not constitute admittance to the position until accepted into our Graduate School.
    • If you graduated from Nichols, please only submit your personal statement and resume. GPS counselors will obtain your transcript and omit letters of recommendation. If you’re not a Nichols College grad, please follow the standard application procedures listed on this website.
    • Please refer to the Additional Resources section below to reach out with any additional questions you may have regarding this process.
  4. If you gain acceptance into our program, congratulations! Please forward your acceptance letter to the Director(s) of your assigned department.
  5. Directors will send your acceptance letter to Human Resources and will either offer or defer you the assistantship position. Upon offering your assistantship, Human Resources will send along a welcome email, offer letter, and your next steps in the hiring process.


I never thought I’d make it to college, let alone make it to the age college students are. When I got to Nichols, I knew I couldn’t waste time. I was elected as the student representative for the Presidential Search Committee for Nichols, which led to the opportunity to become a Graduate Assistant for the Center for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion and get my master’s degree for free. The moral of the story is no matter what your background is, you can succeed at Nichols and create change within the community.

– Darrien Waugh ’21 MBA MSOL ’23

I’m a Graduate Assistant for the Institute for Women’s Leadership! My MSOL helped me gain a tremendous amount of confidence in many areas of my life. This confidence propelled me toward success and helped me find leadership potential within myself. I wouldn’t be in grad school if it wasn’t for the encouragement of my student success coach who knew I had the skills and ability to be here, even when I was unsure. 

Lexxus Andrews ’20 MSOL ’22

Being a Graduate Assistant for Admissions while earning my MBA has been so rewarding. I’ve been able to get a strong grasp on international business, cultural awareness, and leadership in the global market as well as scratching the surface of coding and data analytics. Each professor has their own amazing backstory, and they’re great mentors. I’m excited to see where this graduate program takes me! 

– Dominic Coppola ’21 MBA ’22

Coming from poverty and being in a low-income family, I never thought I could make it to college, and now I have my BSBA degree. When I was allowed by IT to further my studies as a Graduate Assistant, I couldn’t believe it. The benefit of being a Grad Assistant at Nichols is making connections. Networking is significant at Nichols, and it helps a lot of students land jobs right after they finish their master’s program. 

– Ronnie Joseph ’21 MSOL ‘23

Additional Resources for Graduate Assistants

For additional assistance please reach out to Chelsea Saucier, 508-213-2443 or