Graduate Certificate in Leadership

Learn to guide. Learn to inspire. Learn to grow. Supervisors, managers, and professionals just like you can use a Leadership Certificate to journey through a process of self-discovery and best practices that are immediately useful in every business environment. Whether you’re a small business owner, a newly appointed supervisor, or a chief executive, the hallmark of a good leader is a willingness to learn.

The Leadership Certificate program at Nichols helps you understand what makes you unique and teaches you different aspects of leadership that you can hone and develop, turning you into your own type of effective leader.

— Michael Grey

The Benefit of a Leadership Certificate

Certificates are a fast, affordable way to grow your professional value. These programs are open to every professional with a bachelor’s degree, and all credits earned can be put toward your Nichols master’s degree if you decide to continue your education.

Additionally, Nichols College was ranked a 2022 Best College in the Northeast by the Princeton Review and eighth nationally for Mid-Career Salary Potential by The value of a Nichols College education is indisputable.

Graduate Certificate in Leadership Courses

Required Courses (9 credits)

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