3+3 Law Program

3+3 Program: Fast track to a law degree

Nichols College has partnered with UMass Law to create a new 3+3 joint degree program that offers an accelerated pathway to an undergraduate and law degree. The 3+3 program enables academically qualified students to substitute the first year of law school for the final year of their undergraduate program, earning both degrees in six rather than seven years. Participating students will save a full year of tuition and living expenses and accelerate their entrance into the high-demand fields of law, leadership or business.

Enrolled students will earn a bachelor’s degree from Nichols College and a juris doctorate from UMass Law.

3+3 Advantages

  • Provides a fast track to a law degree and legal career, or a strong foundation for a career in law, leadership, higher education or business
  • Saves one full year of tuition and living expenses
  • Provides a smooth transition from your undergraduate education to law school
  • Program students enjoy library privileges at both campuses throughout their enrollment at Nichols College and UMass Law
  • The 3+3 program eliminates the process and cost of applying to multiple law schools

Application and Enrollment

  • Eligibility: Nichols College students should speak with Nick Barnes, Esq., Dean of Arts and Sciences and the pre-law advisor, as early as possible to ensure they are on track to complete all requirements. Students typically declare interest in the 3+3 program in their first academic year, but some academically prepared sophomores are able to meet the requirements of the program. 

  • Application: The application deadline for UMass Law is June 30. Students looking to enroll in the 3+3 program must apply before this deadline during their junior year at Nichols College.

  • Years 1-3: Students complete a specific course of study that prepares them for law school. Courses include legal studies, ethics, liberal arts, and other foundational courses. Your academic advisor will assist you in this process.

  • The fourth year: 3+3 students are admitted as full-time students at UMass Law and will follow the course of study for full-time, first-year law students. Upon successful completion of the first year of law school, the credits earned will also be transferred back to Nichols College in satisfaction of remaining graduation requirements.

  • Cost: During your first year of law school, students will pay the same law school tuition and fees as other first-year students, and the tuition for your senior undergraduate year at Nichols College will be waived.

  • GPA: First-year law school grades will not be included with your undergraduate grades in calculating your undergraduate grade point average. If you do not successfully complete the first year of law school or elect to withdraw, you may return to your undergraduate institution the following semester.

For More Information

Please reach out to Nick Barnes, Esq., Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences for more information at: