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Nichols College

Learn. Lead. Succeed

Undergraduate Degrees and Programs

A degree from Nichols College prepares you to lead and make an impact in the business and professional world.

As a school of choice for business and professional education, our defined focus can give you a competitive edge. We make sure skill-building, leadership education, and award-winning professional development are fully part of your undergraduate experience. All so you’ll be ready for what’s next: your career.

You’ll be taught by faculty who bring their deep industry experience into the classroom. You’ll learn the right concepts—and also apply them, through real challenges and guided practice. And our strong liberal arts core prepares you with the critical thinking and analytical skills you need in your professional life and beyond.

Degree Programs

Our degrees and programs are dynamic—we update our curriculum to stay current. And they’re driven by student choice. Choose an area of study from our wide range of options within our two undergraduate degree programs, which are:

From there, you have many options for enhancing your degree. You can add a minor, participate in leadership programs and career-readiness opportunities and more. We'll make sure you’re ready for what’s ahead, whether that’s the job market or graduate school.

Areas of Study

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)

Bachelor of Arts (BA)


We offer several options for enhancing your degree through our minors program. By adding a minor, you can complement your concentration or major with additional viewpoints and marketable skills, and pursue topics that interest you.

Certificate in Analytics

If you’re interested in data acquisition, analysis, and action, the Certificate in Analytics will give you the opportunity to learn how industry leaders treat one of today’s most valuable assets. Coursework is streamlined to allow you to earn this certificate while pursuing your bachelor’s, giving you a competitive edge once you graduate.

Certificate in Entrepreneurship

If you’re interested in business ownership, the Certificate in Entrepreneurship offers you an opportunity to learn a targeted set of skills that will help you successfully run your own business. Coursework is designed to give an overview of key disciplines from an entrepreneurial perspective, including management, finance and marketing.

4+1 MBA Program

As a Nichols undergraduate, you can continue your business education without missing a beat. Our 4+1 MBA Program gives you the advantage of starting your career with a Masters of Business Administration by simply adding one more year to your studies.

4+1 / 3+1 MSA Programs

If you're considering a course of study in accounting and want to become a CPA, take advantage of one of our Plus-1 MSA Programs. In just five years in our 4+1 MSA Program, or even in four years in our 3+1 MSA Program, on top of earning your BSBA, you can earn your MSA and CPA–credentials that are in-demand for the industry. Graduate courses are accelerated and built around CPA exam preparation, and this program provides the 150 college credits needed for your CPA license.

Double Master’s Program

4+1 students can travel abroad and earn an additional master’s degree without pushing graduation back. You’ll earn a bachelor’s and master’s here at Nichols, and spend 6 weeks studying at the Maastricht School of Management in the Netherlands to earn your Master’s in Management and complete your education in just 5 years.