Liberal Arts Core Curriculum

A Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree at Nichols College provides you with vital skills, meaningful opportunities, and the chance to explore the world and its people from various new perspectives. You’ll develop a deep knowledge of your chosen major, and build a solid intellectual foundation for a lifetime of learning. As a result, you’ll begin to think analytically, critically, and creatively. Employers will value these skills upon graduation and you’ll be work-ready as a well-rounded business professional.

As a BA student, you’ll complete a total of 120 credit hours for your degree, including our Liberal Arts Core courses for 15 credit hours, about 30 credit hours in your chosen major as well as 53 credit hours in our General Education Core Curriculum. You also have the option of adding a minor into your academic program to complement your chosen concentration.

Our Liberal Arts Core Curriculum, which every Bachelor of Arts student completes, allows you the flexibility to choose from a wide range of courses to fulfill the categories. This curriculum includes a Liberal Arts Capstone, which is an interdisciplinary course that emphasizes leadership skills, critical thinking, research, writing and presenting.

Bachelor of Arts Student’s Learn Through Experience

At Nichols, every student partakes in an experiential learning opportunity or internship. We guide you to these opportunities because we’re dedicated to your success, in and out of the classroom. So why limit yourself? Use our community as a training ground for your future. Let us help you with developing your professional development, finding your personal empowerment, and making a cultural impact. Ultimately in four years, you’ll graduate as a well-rounded and highly effective individual ready to tackle the world of business.

Liberal Arts Core Curriculum

Interpreting Our Stories: Origins. Choose 1 from…

Examining the Human Condition. Choose 2 from…

Or any course 200 or above in PHIL, PSCI, PSY, REL, SOC, or special topics in INTD.

Making Connections.

Interpreting Our Stories: Modern to Contemporary. Choose 1 from…