Programs to help you grow your perspective—and your skill set

We offer several options for enhancing your degree with a minor. By adding a minor, you can complement your concentration or major with additional viewpoints and marketable skills, and pursue topics that interest you.

Most of our areas of study are available as minors. Oftentimes, business students will pursue a liberal arts minor, and vice-versa. In addition, the following specialized minors are offered:

Business Administration Minor

The Business Administration Minor is designed for Liberal Arts students seeking a general introduction to the core principles of business. The minor is 15 credits, with six of the credits offering you the choice to pursue a preferred area of interest. Combined with a Liberal Arts degree, this minor prepares you to lead with additional business skills in the operational aspects of your chosen field.

Liberal Arts Minor

Students completing a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) have the option of completing the 12-credit Liberal Arts Minor. This minor facilitates exploration in the liberal arts with flexible course offerings, including English, History, Humanities, the Social Sciences, and Civic Leadership & Politics. Combined with a BSBA, this minor adds the benefit of additional perspectives and discourse on topics in the arts and sciences, helping you to further strengthen your critical thinking and communication skills.

Gender & Diversity Studies Minor

The Gender and Diversity Studies Minor (GDSM) is an interdisciplinary program that addresses the ways in which gender and diversity are conceptualized and investigated across disciplines, such as in literature, history, economics, political science and more. The GDSM discusses issues of concern for both men and women, in the business world and in daily life. The 12-credit curriculum is comprised of two core courses and two electives. The critical thinking skills and understanding of work-place dynamics cultivated in the GDSM is a strong selling point to employers who emphasize the value of diversity management and gender-sensitivity. To Learn more, reach out to Dr. Erin Casey-Williams at erin.casey-williams@nichols.edu.

Civic Leadership & Politics Minor

A minor in Civic Leadership & Politics brings global leadership to the community level, with deep, introspective coursework on the policies and politics that affect both the strength of our economy and the quality of our lives. This fun, flexible, 12-credit minor builds on your core business education and prepares you to excel on the global stage with careers in market research, organizational leadership, electoral politics, conflict resolution, issue advocacy, nonprofit work and international affairs.