+1 MSA Program

Get 2 degrees in 5 years—or even 4

Our Accelerated Master’s in Accounting is the perfect way to increase your value in a competitive industry. In our 4+1 program, you’ll earn your bachelor’s on the normal schedule, and start your master’s during your senior year. In our 3+1 program, your coursework will be significantly accelerated to help you complete your education quickly and efficiently.

Accelerated Master’s in Accounting Program Details

With a +1 MSA Program at Nichols, you can…

  • Earn your master’s faster. After you earn your bachelor’s, you’ll take graduate courses in accelerated seven-week sessions in the evenings, so you can complete your MSA in just one year. Once you’re done, you’ll have the 150 college credits needed for your CPA license.
  • Prepare for your CPA. We provide CPA exam prep with your MSA degree, as added value with no extra cost to you.
  • Learn in our space or yours. Graduate classes are delivered in our flexible HyFlex format. With our HyFlex conferencing technology, you get to choose each week whether to attend class on campus or in real time online. Even if you attend online, you’ll be able to participate actively in class.
  • Save on tuition. You’ll get tuition savings on your graduate degree by completing it in only one year, and we include 6 free graduate credits* and a 10% Nichols alumni discount. Plus, you’ll start earning a salary sooner than you would with traditionally-paced programs.
  • Earn more over your career. You can earn significantly more on day one of your career and over time by entering the job market with a master’s versus just a bachelor’s. In fact, NACE salary reports suggest you can earn up to a 200% return on investment on your graduate degree within only 5 years. The Nichols +1 MSA Programs are designed with return value in mind—and can help you get there faster.

On top of it all, you’ll learn from CPA-certified leaders in the accounting field renowned for their student dedication. And you’ll benefit from the same kind of skill building, professional development and leadership studies you experienced as a Nichols undergraduate, all taken to another level.

How to Enroll

3+1 MSA Program

You must be a full-time undergraduate day student in the accounting program at Nichols to participate in the 3+1 MSA Program. Once you’re admitted to Nichols, work with your advisor to enter the 3+1 program immediately. To be accepted, you should have a cumulative high school GPA of at least 3.0. To remain in the program, students must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA during their entire time at Nichols.

4+1 MSA Program

You must be a full-time undergraduate day student in the accounting program at Nichols to participate in the 4+1 MSA Program. You must have at least a 3.0 GPA to be accepted, and to remain in the program, you must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA. As a 4+1 student, you start your graduate coursework by taking 6 credits of MSA courses in the fall semester of your senior year. You can apply at any time before the second semester of your Junior year. You can take a maximum of 6 graduate credits while you’re enrolled in the Nichols full-time undergraduate day program.

*As long as you don’t exceed 18 credits in the fall or spring of your senior year (including the graduate coursework), you won’t have to pay for the 6 graduate credits.

We want to talk to you!

We’re here to help—so contact us if you have questions about our 4+1 or 3+1 MSA Programs. Please reach out to Jessica Dias for more information at jessica.dias@nichols.edu