Value of a Nichols College Education

What is it worth for you to see your high-school student succeed in college?

If your goal is to see that your student develops into a confident, well-educated adult, ready for the future and the job world ahead . . . then consider Nichols College.

Nichols demonstrates its value with some impressive results:

Why are we so successful?

It’s because of the leadership and learning opportunities we offer in the classroom, on-campus and in the work environment through internships . . .

Here is what one parent has to say about Nichols . . .

Patrick Flavin, Assistant Vice President, Director of Workforce Initiatives, The TJX Companies, Inc. Parent of graduates Sean ’09, Danielle ’10, and Ryan ‘13

“As a human resources professional, I am very impressed with Nichols curriculum, most notably the Professional Development Seminar program and the added edge it provides for Nichols graduates. The small class sizes and friendly, welcoming environment have been great benefits in my children’s education as well. As a parent, I feel confident in having my children attend a college where they receive a quality education and graduate with the skills needed to compete in this tight economy.”

Like many other satisfied parents, you too can find out why Nichols College is well worth the investment.