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Parent Questions

The Nichols College staff is here to help parents and families of current and prospective students. We understand that you have a variety of questions and we are here to help. Below are a few key phone numbers and a list of F.A.Q’s that you may find useful.

Q. What happens if my student gets sick while on campus?
A. Nichols College has ample health services options to meet the needs of our students. All students have the opportunity to meet with our campus nurse or physician, Monday through Friday. Students who become ill during the weekend, or who need urgent care, may use emergency services at Harrington Hospital located approximately 15 minutes from campus.

Q. How can I ensure that my student is taking the right classes?
A. All students at Nichols College are assigned an adviser to help them transition into college and make proper academic choices. Advisers will meet with students each semester to help select the courses needed to complete their degree within four years.

Q. Are computers required for all students?
A. Computers are not required; however, most students do bring their own computers to campus. Those who will not be bringing a computer to campus will still have computer access through the student workstations in Conant Library.

Q. How do I know my student will be safe on campus?
A. Nichols College is a very safe place. In fact, a study by listed Nichols among the schools with the lowest risk of crime. Nichols was given a rating of "1", which the study defined as having a crime risk of “less than one-fifth the national average”. Our campus Department of Public Safety operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week during the academic year.

Q. When does my student need to purchase books?
A. Most students purchase their books at our campus bookstore during the first week of classes.

Q. My student is a fussy eater. Will he or she have a variety of dining choices while at Nichols?
A. Yes. The Nichols College Dining Services, run by Sodexo, provide a range of dining options. Students may choose from a variety of tempting and healthy meal choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner in our buffet style dining hall. They may also order off the menu at the Snack Bar or Davis Cafe. When students have a craving for a late night snack, they can use their Bison Bucks (similar to a debit card) to purchase food at campus vending machines or at a variety of local stores and restaurants.

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