Now, more than ever, our fast-paced global society needs dynamic managers to bring order to chaos. Nichols management program prepares you to lead in the future workforce by:

  • Developing your communication skills to present clear and direct solutions to corporate problems.
  • Exercising your critical thinking and analytical abilities to quickly and correctly interpret key business metrics.
  • Exposing you, through case studies, to ethical dilemmas that encourage social consciousness and civic responsibility.
  • Placing you in challenging internships with our corporate partners as an opportunity to network and hone your leadership skills. 

With decades of experience in management, business ownership, and consulting, our management faculty invests in each of our students. Recent management internships include Sodexo, Target, the Mohegan Tribal Nation, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and Sherwin-Williams.  We will prepare you to lead. Ready you for a meaningful profession. Help you change the future.

Courses & Requirements

Management majors must complete 121 credit hours (approximately 40 courses), including courses from the foundation and business core curricula, focused electives and these required specialization courses:

Required Courses

HRM 213 Human Resource Management

This course introduces students to the fundamental practices involved in effective human resource management, such as recruiting, performance evaluation, compensation, employment law, and employee rights. HR theory and practice is emphasized within the context of improving organizational productivity and developing employee potential.

MGMT 378 Entrepreneurial Management

This course provides fundamental knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, both of which focus on the process of establishing and successfully operating a new business. Entrepreneurship is setting up a freestanding new business and accepting the risks of time, effort, and money associated with such a venture. Intrapreneurship is forming a new business within an organizational setting where the sponsoring organization assumes the risks and the ownership of the outcome.

Prerequisite: MGMT-226.

MGMT 388 International Management

Examines management theory and practice as applied to business activities that cross national boundaries. Emphasis is placed on an understanding of strategic, cultural, behavioral, functional, legal, and socio-ethnical aspects of international management in a global economy with multinational business enterprises.

Prerequisite: MGMT-226.

MGMT 389 Mgmt of Innovation & Change

This course focuses on the strategies and tactics for conceiving, developing, initiating and managing innovation and change within an established corporate structure. Topics include attributes of corporate entrepreneurs, bases of creativity and innovation, interpersonal and interdepartmental relationships, promoting innovation and change within the corporate structure, organizational politics, strategic organizational changes, and corporate culture.

Prerequisite: MGMT-226.

MGMT 429 Current Issues in Management

Since management knowledge continues to be augmented by new research findings, conceptualizations, and management experience, this course examines current issues and emerging trends in managerial theory and practice. The course affords the opportunity to study and treat topics not covered in other management major courses, and thus provides, in an ongoing fashion, the necessary program currency. Students are acquainted with the managerial issues of the day and with topics that represent leading edge managerial thinking and practice.

Prerequisites: HRM-213, and MGMT-226.

MGMT 482 Management Seminar

The Management Seminar is the capstone course for a specialization in management. The seminar focuses on the study of management models, managerial ethics, and decision making. In addition, the seminar strives to synthesize certain core concepts and research findings presented in other prescribed management courses completed prior to enrollment in the seminar.

Prerequisite: MGMT-429. HRM-213 & MGMT-226 Required


Management offers no elective courses.


  • Leonard Samborowski

    Leonard Samborowski
    Assistant Professor of Management / Management Program Chair

  • Arthur Duhaime

    Arthur Duhaime
    Associate Professor of Management

  • Mary Trottier

    Mary Trottier
    Associate Professor of Management

  • Justin Dolan

    Justin Dolan
    Adjunct Professor / Project Coordinator

  • Robert LaVigne

    Robert LaVigne
    Adjunct Professor / Associate Vice President

  • Domenic Cornacchioli

    Domenic Cornacchioli
    Adjunct Professor