Academic Majors

Explore your options. Follow your passion

At Nichols College, you’ll develop your skills, knowledge and passion, preparing you for a meaningful career in corporate, business, government or nonprofit environments. Our classes are small (22-25 students) and our faculty is experienced at helping you transform from student to successful professional. No matter which business specialization or liberal arts major you choose, you’ll gain valuable education that translates to a number of careers - and a solid foundation for graduate studies.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)

The Business Core curriculum is 37 credit hours of courses that cover critical areas of business, including accounting, computer information systems, finance, management and marketing. Students must also complete 18-27 credits within their area of specialization. Business students complete a total of 121 credit hours.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Majors

The Liberal Arts core is 12 credit hours of courses in the humanities and world culture. Students must also complete 30 credits within their major. Liberal Arts students complete a total of 120 credit hours.


To pursue a Minor in Business, you must take four free elective courses in one area of specialization (see list above). Minors in the Liberal Arts may be selected from English, History, Mathematics, or Psychology. You must file a Declaration of Minor Form, available in the Office of the Registrar.

Educator Preparation Program

Thinking about becoming a teacher? Nichols College Educator Preparation Program trains you to be an effective teacher of business, history, English or mathematics in middle or secondary schools. Learn more.