Academic Services

What do you need to succeed?

If you’re ready to thrive in a college environment, you’ve come to the right place. At Nichols, we’ve set up our entire campus to ensure you get the support and engaged learning that you need to succeed.

From simplifying your life with online resources to providing academic assistance to planning out your next four years, we’re here to help - and to challenge you.

Academic Services

Academic Advising

As a Nichols student, you’ll be assigned an advisor to help you make informed choices about your academic and career goals. From planning your program of study to completing the requirements of your major, your advisor is here to help you throughout your educational journey. Advisors are full-time professional staff or faculty members who will be assigned based on your major and academic year.

Academic Resource Center

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) at Nichols College is designed to assist and challenge students in developing skills necessary for successful, independent learning.

Services offered by the ARC include:

Students or parents with questions about the ARC’s services should contact the Director of ARC, Marissa Loon at 508-213-2232 or email:

Learning Differences

Not everyone learns the same way, and some pretty great people have struggled with learning differences. Actress Whoopi Goldberg, business leader Charles Schwab, and Olympic diver Greg Louganis, all have struggled with a learning disability (LD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder AD/HD.

While having learning differences can offer a few complications, Nichols has services and people ready to help you. Learning differences don't need to stop you from being successful. Our goal is to provide resources so that you can reach your learning potential.

You have the right to privacy; so you must decide whether to disclose that fact that you have learning differences to the Assistant Dean for Learning Services. Upon submitting documentation, students with learning differences may receive appropriate accommodations that may include:

Students with learning differences and their parents are welcome to inquire about learning differences services by calling 508-213-2293, emailing or writing to Dr. Edward Kolek, Jr., Assistant Dean for Learning Services, Nichols College, P.O. Box 5000, Dudley, MA, 01571-5000.

College Catalog

Nichols College Catalog is your one-stop guide to earning your degree, conveniently located online or as a downloadable file you can store on your computer.

Professional Development Seminar

Custom-designed by our faculty and staff, Nichols award-winning, four-year Professional Development Seminar (PDS) teaches you the career skills that aren’t typically taught in the classroom. From mapping out a career path to interviewing successfully, the PDS gives you an edge in the business world.

Registrar’s Office and Scheduling

At Nichols, we make it easy for you to register for classes and manage your academic course load. With our online system, you can register for classes, download academic forms, and review registration policies or download a class syllabus - from wherever you are.