Honors Scholar Program

Undergraduate students at Nichols have the opportunity to be recognized for outstanding academic achievement as a Nichols Honors Scholar.

2011 Honors Trip to San Francisco

Students in the Nichols Honors Scholar program visited San Francisco in 2011. During their trip they produced this video blog and wrote about their experience.


How it works

Honors students complete seven (7) Honors courses over their four years of study. Courses may be selected from across the curriculum in business communications, economics, English, environmental science, history, human resource management, management and political science.

After achieving a 3.2 GPA or higher in six honors courses, students are qualified to apply for entrance into a senior-year Honors Scholar Seminar.

At Commencement, students who complete the full program with a 3.2 GPA or higher will earn an academic mark of distinction as a Nichols Honors Scholar. Their diploma and official College academic transcript will reflect the designation Nichols Honors Scholar.


Special Activities for Honors Candidates

A program of special activities and co-curricular events will complement the academic aspects of the Honors Scholar program. On-campus social events and special guests will highlight the academic year as well as will off-campus field trips and visits to sites of cultural interest as well as business and government institutions. During spring vacation of the third year, Honors candidates will have an opportunity to volunteer to participate in an enriching special travel and cultural experience supported by the College.

How to enroll

Students with high academic promise should declare Honors Scholar candidacy during summer orientations for new students or during the Add/Drop periods at the beginning of the first, second, or at the latest, third semester of study. Throughout the program experience, all Honors candidates are required to maintain high standards of academic work and personal integrity as well as to meet all academic performance requirements.