Every member of our faculty has extensive experience in his or her field, and they are passionate about training our students to be leaders and innovators.

Nichols professors will make your time here challenging, memorable, and valuable. They will be your mentors and your advocates. At Nichols, professionals develop professionals.

Have a look below at our faculty.

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    Amanda Anderson-Boss
    Adjunct Faculty - Day Division

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    Todd Anderson
    Assistant Professor of Environmental Science

  • John Armstrong

    John Armstrong
    Professor of Accounting and Finance / Accounting Program Chair

  • Nicholas Barnes

    Nicholas Barnes
    Assistant Professor of Business and Law / Technology & Law Program Chair

  • Christine Beaudin

    Christine Beaudin
    Assistant Professor of Finance / Finance Program Chair

  • Jean Beaupre

    Jean Beaupre
    Assistant Professor of Marketing and Business Communication & Faculty Advisor-Institute for Women's Leadership

  • Marcia Behrens

    Marcia Behrens
    Associate Professor of Accounting / General Business Program Chair

  • Diane Bemis

    Diane Bemis
    Assistant Professor of Education / Educator Preparation Program Chair

  • Wayne-Daniel Berard

    Wayne-Daniel Berard
    Professor of English

  • Boyd Brown

    Boyd Brown
    Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Management

  • Erin Casey-Williams

    Erin Casey-Williams
    Visiting Assistant Professor of English

  • Kim Charbonneau

    Kim Charbonneau
    Associate Professor of Criminal Justice Management / Criminal Justice Management Program Chair

  • Maryann Conrad

    Maryann Conrad
    Assistant Professor of Management / Hospitality Management Program Chair

  • Domenic Cornacchioli

    Domenic Cornacchioli
    Adjunct Professor

  • Karin Curran

    Karin Curran
    Visiting Assistant Professor of Finance

  • Thomas Davis

    Thomas Davis
    Professor of Psychology / Psychology Program Chair

  • Hans Despain

    Hans Despain
    Professor of Economics / Economics Program Chair & Honors Scholar Program Chair

  • Richard DesRoches

    Richard DesRoches
    Visiting Professor of Accounting

  • James Deys

    James Deys
    Assistant Professor of English

  • Kellie Deys

    Kellie Deys
    Associate Professor of English / Chair, English / Administrative Director of the Honors Scholar Program

  • Justin Dolan

    Justin Dolan
    Adjunct Professor / Project Coordinator

  • Arthur Duhaime

    Arthur Duhaime
    Associate Professor of Management

  • David Ethier

    David Ethier
    Adjunct Professor

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    Ryan Fattman
    Adjunct Faculty

  • Melanie Fleming

    Melanie Fleming
    Assistant Professor of Accounting

  • Jennifer Fleury

    Jennifer Fleury
    Assistant Professor of Business and Technology

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    Richard Gabriel
    Adjunct Professor

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    Melanie Gajewski
    Adjunct Faculty

  • Karol Gil-Vasquez

    Karol Gil-Vasquez
    Assistant Professor of Economics

  • Marcus Goncalves

    Marcus Goncalves
    Associate Professor of Management / International Business Program Chair

  • Nicholas Gorgievski

    Nicholas Gorgievski
    Professor of Mathematics / Mathematics Program Chair

  • Jeffrey Halprin

    Jeffrey Halprin
    Professor of English / English Program Chair

  • Len Harmon

    Len Harmon
    Associate Professor of Marketing / Marketing Program Chair

  • William Keefe

    William Keefe
    Adjunct Professor

  • Kalpana Khanal

    Kalpana Khanal
    Assistant Professor of Economics and Finance

  • Edward Kolek

    Edward Kolek
    Adjunct Professor / Assistant Dean; Learning Services

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    Michael Lajoie
    Visiting Assistant Professor of English

  • Paul Lambert

    Paul Lambert
    Assistant Professor of History

  • Robert LaVigne

    Robert LaVigne
    Adjunct Professor / Associate Vice President

  • Jesse Limanek

    Jesse Limanek
    Adjunct Professor

  • Tim Liptrap

    Tim Liptrap
    Associate Professor of Sport Management / Sport Management Program Chair

  • Brian McCoy

    Brian McCoy
    Professor of Psychology

  • Allison McDowell-Smith

    Allison McDowell-Smith
    Director of MSC

  • Arthur McGovern

    Arthur McGovern
    Associate Professor of Psychology / Science and Social Science Program Chair

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    Mitchell Miller
    Adjunct Undergraduate Faculty

  • Libba Moore

    Libba Moore
    Professor of Human Resource Management / Human Resource Management Program Chair

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    Quinn Morton
    Adjunct Professor

  • Bill Moylan

    Bill Moylan
    Adjunct Professor

  • Alice Mullen

    Alice Mullen
    Visiting Assistant Professor of Sport Management / Head Womens Basketball Coach

  • Mark Naigles

    Mark Naigles
    Associate Professor of Mathematics

  • Maryann Nalbandian

    Maryann Nalbandian
    Adjunct Professor

  • Dorrie Nang

    Dorrie Nang
    Assistant Professor of Humanities and World Cultures / Humanities Program Chair

  • Michael Neagle

    Michael Neagle
    Assistant Professor of History/History Program Chair

  • Megan Nocivelli

    Megan Nocivelli
    Associate Professor of Marketing

  • William O'Brien

    William O'Brien
    Adjunct Professor

  • Prajjwal Panday

    Prajjwal Panday
    Assistant Professor of Environmental Science

  • Mauri Pelto

    Mauri Pelto
    Vice President for Academic Affairs

  • Jason Price

    Jason Price
    Associate Dean for Liberal Arts / Associate Professor of Mathematics

  • Jacquelyn Putnam

    Jacquelyn Putnam
    Adjunct Professor

  • Alan Reinhardt

    Alan Reinhardt
    Dean Emeritus

  • No photo available

    Bryant Richards
    Associate Professor Accounting and Finance / Chair, Accounting

  • Heather Richards

    Heather Richards
    Faculty Associate/Academic Advisor for the Undergraduate Adult Education Program

  • Charlyn Robert

    Charlyn Robert
    Visiting Assistant Professor

  • Mary Robins

    Mary Robins
    Adjunct Professor

  • Robert Russo

    Robert Russo
    Adjunct Professor

  • Cynthia Saari

    Cynthia Saari
    Adjunct Professor

  • Michael Saari

    Michael Saari
    Adjunct Professor

  • Leonard Samborowski

    Leonard Samborowski
    Associate Professor of Management / Management Program Chair

  • Ronald Schachter

    Ronald Schachter
    Adjunct Professor / Senior Writer

  • No photo available

    David Seavey
    Adjunct Professor

  • Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith
    Assistant Professor of Sport Management & History / Chair, Undergraduate Adult Education Program

  • Erika Cornelius Smith

    Erika Cornelius Smith
    Assistant Professor of Political Science & International Business / Chair, Political Science

  • Patricia Susia

    Patricia Susia
    Adjunct Faculty

  • Lisa C. Taylor

    Lisa C. Taylor
    Adjunct Professor

  • Cathy Temple

    Cathy Temple
    Visiting Assistant Professor of Communication

  • Emily Thomas

    Emily Thomas
    Adjunct Professor

  • Mary Trottier

    Mary Trottier
    Associate Professor of Management

  • Susan Veshi

    Susan Veshi
    Adjunct Professor / Assistant VP for Advancement / Editor, Nichols College Magazine

  • Alyce Viens

    Alyce Viens
    Adjunct Professor

  • No photo available

    Edward Warren
    Emeritus Faculty

  • No photo available

    Susan M. Wayman
    Director, Office for International Engagement and the Fischer Institute / Adjunct Professor

  • Brian Wendry

    Brian Wendry
    Adjunct Professor

  • Luanne Westerling

    Luanne Westerling
    Associate Dean for Business / Associate Professor of Business Communication / Emerging Leaders Program Chair

  • Steve Wojnar

    Steve Wojnar
    Adjunct Professor

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