Boyd Brown

In the CJM program, Professor Brown, is known as the “terrorism and forensics guy.” His experience in the military and work in forensic anthropology gives him both practical expertise and training in these areas.

During his four years of active service in the Marine Corps, he was deployed overseas three times for countries including Honduras, Japan, the Philippines, and as part of Operation Desert Storm, a number of countries in the Middle East. Upon leaving active duty, he joined the Reserves in 1992 and retired from the unit in 2008 with the rank of Gunnery Sergeant.


  • Heavy Machine Gunner, Marine Corps Weapons Company deployed overseas three times
  • Gunnery Sergeant, U.S. Marine Corp. Reserves


In his personal life, he is a runner, primarily shorter distance (5 and 10K) but has completed three marathons. He is also an avid history buff and enjoys building military scale models. Professor Brown also enjoys a good chess games and invites students to stop by his office for a game.
Headshot of Boyd Brown

Boyd Brown

Associate Professor of Criminal Justice