International Business

The world is merging into a single global market. The Nichols international business major prepares you to do business in that diverse, multicultural context.

Using real-world scenarios, international trips, and key internships, our international business major prepares you for:

  • Managing a multicultural workforce
  • Entering foreign markets
  • Working with government agencies involved in international markets and trade
  • Recognizing cultural differences in business practices, such as those in management, marketing, finance and economics
  • Working in financial institutions with foreign operations

This program is chaired by a faculty member whose experience includes international management consulting with practices in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Whatever the cultural context of your career, Nichols will prepare you to lead with confidence and tact.

Leading the Way

Danny Tamayo ’12 Latin America & Caribbean at The MathWorks , Sales Specialist

My internship with the Massachusetts Export Center was key in helping me land my current job at The MathWorks. While at Mass. Export, I played the role of an analyst, gathered information, and provided it to a company that wanted to begin exporting their product, a skill I learned in my Emerging Markets and Advanced Economies class.

Maria Balabanova ’12 ISBAN-Grupo Santander, Analyst

As a native of Russia, I came to the United States to learn more about the American culture and understand how Americans do business. Being surrounded by supportive staff and faculty at Nichols helped me do that. My professors were always willing to help me develop as a professional and lead me in the right career path. My classes helped me figure out the industry and type of work I wanted to do and led me to my current position at ISBAN.

Courses & Requirements

International Business majors must complete 121 credit hours (approximately 40 courses), including courses from the foundation and business core curricula, focused electives and these required specialization courses:

Required Courses

IBUS 309 World Economic Geography

This course focuses on the connections between physical, cultural, and political geography and our economies. Case studies are used to explore both natural and global economic issues.

IBUS 388 International Management

Examines management theory and practice as applied to business activities that cross national boundaries. Emphasis is placed on an understanding of strategic, cultural, behavioral, functional, legal, and socio-ethnical aspects of international management in a global economy with multinational business enterprises.

Prerequisite: MGMT-226.

IBUS 412 International Economics

An economic analysis of the foundations of international trade and the impact of trade on domestic and global economies. The course includes a study of the balance of payments, world debt, exchange rates, and the international monetary system. Current issues and problems are emphasized.

Prerequisites: ECON-221, and ECON-222.

IBUS 434 International Marketing

An analysis of the international business and consumer environments and the development and implementation of marketing programs across business alternatives (e.g., direct investment, joint ventures, licensing). Topics include the roles of cultural, political, technological, economic, and legal aspects of marketing in an international environment, as well as how these affect the marketing mixes likely to be successful in various international markets.

Prerequisites: MKTG-361, MKTG-362 and IBUS-388. MGMT-226 Required

IBUS 444 Adv Economies & Emerging Mkt

This course focuses on the impact of advanced economies on emerging markets and vice-versa. It provides an overview of the International Monetary Fund?s (IMF) country classification in its World Economic Outlook surveys and reports, which divides the world into two major groups: advanced economies, and other emerging market and developing countries. It also seeks to understand the intensity of competition in emerging markets and advanced economies.

Prerequisite: IBUS-388. MGMT-226 Required

IBUS 480 Seminar in Intern'l Business

This seminar is a senior-level capstone course for international business students. A case study approach will be used to explore the major current issues in international business and bring together the general concepts and ethical dimensions studied in earlier coursework in the program. A capstone project requires students to examine current issues and develop critical information literacy skills.

IBUS 490 Internship in International Business

This internship enables students to apply the knowledge acquired throughout the program to the real world. The International Business internship program will work closely with the Fischer Institute, Career Services, and a growing list of international companies, as well as independently placing students in several locations, in the U.S. and abroad. A cumulative grade point average of 2.7 as well as 60 credits completed is required; the internship consists of 120 hours of work.

Prerequisite: IBUS-388. MGMT-226 Required


International Business offers no elective courses.


  • Marcus Goncalves

    Marcus Goncalves
    Associate Professor of Management / International Business Program Chair

  • William O'Brien

    William O'Brien
    Adjunct Professor

  • Erika Cornelius Smith

    Erika Cornelius Smith
    Assistant Professor of Political Science & International Business

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    David Seavey
    Adjunct Professor