Integrated Marketing Communication

The Integrated Marketing Communication program at Nichols College is designed for students who are interested in generating creative marketing solutions and effectively communicating these solutions to key stakeholders. The program employs experiential learning approaches focused on the development and management of brand relationships, positioning and segment analysis and evidence-based decision making.  Each course helps develop the skills necessary for marketing professionals to execute strategic marketing and communication plans, with a consistent approach that reflects a brand’s values, product positioning and company mission across a variety of channels.

In a rapidly evolving global marketplace, organizations devote substantial resources to create superior interactions with customers at all points of contact.  Winning the hearts and minds of consumers means organizations must offer the right product and services, to the right customers, at the right time and at the right place.  They must also communicate with employees, partners and customers about their brands before, during and after purchase.   Every product, service, or idea needs effective communication within organizations and to external audiences to capture market attention, build demand, and drive product use.

The Integrated Marketing Communication degree offers the flexibility to prepare students for careers as marketing managers, sales professionals, social media strategists and data analysis experts.   The program is designed to draw upon its academic synergy with Psychology, Sociology, Technology and Math.

Courses & Requirements

Required Courses

COMM 247 Introduction to Communication Studies

This course includes an introduction of the basic theories of the human communication process, and an examination of communication in the following contexts: (1) interpersonal, (2) inter/intra cultural communications, (3) group communication, (4) mass communication, and (5) organizational communication. 

COMM 311 Visual Communications

This course will explore the psychological and cultural aspects of visual communication, and will introduce students to visual techniques for analyzing, displaying and explaining numerical and statistical data. The cultural and commercial impact of advertising, film, and electronically manipulated data will be studied. Working with photographs, digital images, video, graphs and animations, students will create appropriate visual formats for presentation of various types of publications. Ethical issues related to choice, use and distortion of visual information will be considered. Software programs for computer-assisted design will be reviewed and applied.

Prerequisite: ITM-123.

MKCM 361 Consumer Marketing

Examination of the consumer marketing process. This includes analysis and planning of consumer marketing programs with investigation of consumer decision making and buying patterns. Includes written case analyses and presentations.

Prerequisite: MKCM-202.

MKCM 480 Marketing Seminar

A capstone course that focuses on the integration of marketing and communication with the other functional areas of business. This course examines the marketing strategy formulation process through the development of analytical techniques to assess company, market, and industry. Utilizes extensive case analysis/and or consulting project.

Prerequisite: MKCM-361. MKCM-202 and a minimum of-42 completed credits

MKCM 490 Integrated Marketing Communication Internship

An internship serves as an integral part of our experiential learning emphasis for students selecting the Integrated Marketing Communication concentration.  The objective of the course is to gain work experience in a marketing and/or communication related field or position.  Students may select an internship based on their interests and preferences, and faculty and the Career & Professional Development Center are available to assist students in the internship search.  Students are required to work 120 hours over the course of the semester and complete a comprehensive project upon completion of the internship. 

Prerequisite: MKCM-361. MKCM-202 and a minimum of-42 completed credits


COMM 310 Intercultural Communication

In this course students will gain awareness of cultural differences as they affect the conduct of business, and will develop methods to bridge those differences. Globalization, the effect of social conventions on the business environment, and the impact of cultural norms on information gathering and decision making will be studied. Differences in legal, regulatory, and organizational structures will be considered. Each student will participate in a group research project examining the challenges of conducting business and communicating on an intercultural basis.

Prerequisite: COMM-247.

MKCM 312 Managerial Communication

This advanced course in organizational communication will cover conflict and negotiation, working with the corporate board of directors, managing a media crisis, whistleblowers, systemic malfunctions, ethical communication, and the profit motive. Students will analyze real cases and propose and debate alternative solutions.

Prerequisite: MKCM-202.

MKCM 316 Mass Media and Public Relations

A study of communication that is mediated through technology, including traditional mass media (books, newspapers, radio, film, and television), social media and new and developing technologies. We will consider the nature and practice of public relations, corporate interface with press organizations, and the role of advertising. The ethical and legal repercussions of mass communications will also be considered.

Prerequisites: COMM-247, and MKCM-202.

MKCM 362 Business Marketing

An examination of the process of marketing to business, institutional, and governmental markets. The course focuses on business buyers and the development of marketing strategies for business goods and services.

Prerequisite: MKCM-361. MKCM-202 and a minimum of-42 completed credits

MKCM 433 Market Research

A study of the application of research techniques in market analysis. Student teams design, conduct, and present a research project, including problem definition, questionnaire design, data collection, data analysis, documentation, and recommendation.

Prerequisites: MATH-215, and MKCM-361. MKCM-202 and a minimum of-42 completed credits

MKCM 434 International Marketing

An analysis of the international business and consumer environments and the development and implementation of marketing programs across business alternatives (e.g., direct investment, joint ventures, licensing). Topics include the roles of cultural, political, technological, economical, and legal aspects of marketing in an international environment, as well as how these affect the marketing mixes likely to be successful in various international markets.

Prerequisite: MKCM-361. MKCM-202 and a minimum of-42 completed credits

MKCM 435 Marketing Communication

A course focusing on advertising, sales promotion, and direct marketing also known as integrated marketing communications. Topics include planning and execution of promotional programs, strategy development, and segmenting and positioning. Orientation reflects the managerial or “client” side of business rather than the “creative” or message development side.

Prerequisite: MKCM-361. MKCM-202 and a minimum of-42 completed credits

MKCM 436 Sales Management

An investigation of the functions and activities of sales managers. Topics include recruiting, organizing, training, compensating, leading, motivating, and managing the sales force.

Prerequisite: MKCM-361. MKCM-202 and a minimum of-42 completed credits

MKCM 470 Special Topics

This course examines in depth a major issue, problem, or theme in the area of marketing and communication. It includes a specialized research paper or project, involves discussion and oral and written reports, and may include guest speakers and field trips.

Prerequisites: MKCM-202, and COMM-247.


  • Len Harmon

    Len Harmon
    Associate Professor of Marketing / Marketing Program Chair

  • Megan Nocivelli

    Megan Nocivelli
    Assistant Professor of Marketing