Learning to Lead

You have leadership potential. And you’ll realize it better at Nichols.

Leadership is a quality that moves companies, causes and communities forward. That’s why at Nichols College, we believe leadership is vital and should be discovered, cultivated and celebrated. It's part of our school mission, and our culture, to help you develop the leader within.

But clearly there’s more than one type of leader. Some leaders boldly guide, some energize a team and some serve as role models. That’s why we encourage the leadership potential in all our students. No matter which type of leader you are, here you’ll have plenty of opportunities and support for developing your leadership ability.

LEAD 101

Learn leadership skills starting on day one with our hands-on course, LEAD 101: Learning to Lead. 

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Emerging Leaders Program

Take your leadership development to the next level by joining the Emerging Leaders Program. 

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Institute for Women's Leadership

Help drive the conversation on issues impacting women in business—all students are welcome to take part.

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Leadership Opportunities

Get access to countless quality leadership opportunities across campus, and forge your own leadership path.

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