Emerging Leaders Program

our premier leadership program

It takes leadership to make an impact. It’s what drives companies, causes and communities forward. And it’s one of the qualities that employers and recruiters value most in their college graduate candidates for hire.

That’s why we created our Emerging Leaders Program. It’s a way to develop skills that will help you make an impact in the world. And it’s a way to gain a competitive advantage over your peers in the job market, no matter what career path you choose.

Program Details

We believe leadership is a quality we all possess, and that it can be taught, learned and practiced. And we also believe there’s more than one type of leader: Some leaders boldly guide, some energize a team and some serve as role models. In this 4-year, non-credit-bearing program, you’ll have the opportunity to develop your own leadership style and cultivate the leader within yourself.

Over the course of the program, you’ll discuss principles of leadership as well as topics such as ethics, social responsibility, communication and conflict resolution. You’ll attend workshops, films, speaker events, community service activities, field trips and networking events with alumni to satisfy the requirements of the program. And you’ll be exposed to various leadership styles as you consider your own.

But what’s the best way to learn how to lead? Being a leader. The campus and community then become your classroom as you’re encouraged to take on leadership roles. With guidance and support, you’ll practice and expand on your strengths as a leader. And you’ll have the opportunity to change your campus and community along the way.

How to Join

Students complete LEAD 101: Learning to Lead their first year at Nichols. Upon successful completion of the course, they have the option to join the Emerging Leaders Program.