Professional Development Seminar

As a Nichols graduate, you’ll be ready for any professional interaction

Our Professional Development Seminar in combination with our career readiness focus, our networking opportunities, and services and events offered by our Career and Professional Development Center will prepare you for any professional interaction. All while helping you develop your career plan along the way.

Here you’ll go beyond business as usual: you’ll set yourself apart

Our 3-year, award-winning Professional Development Seminar is custom-designed by faculty to help you stand out in the professional world. In this seminar, you’ll learn tips for making the transition to college student. Then you’ll build vital professional skills that you’ll rely on long after.

We want to make sure you’re ready for what’s ahead. That’s why this seminar is a required part of your Nichols experience. And we know it works: as the recruiters who visit us will tell you, Nichols students show a level of professionalism that’s unmatched by graduates of other colleges. Here’s an overview of topics you’ll cover in this seminar:

Year 1: Making the Transition

In your first year, you’ll discover what it takes to succeed in college and beyond by learning how to set goals, manage your time, and build relationships.

Year 2: Developing Your Brand

In your second year, you’ll learn how to represent yourself and develop your professional brand. You’ll start by crafting a resume, building an electronic portfolio and creating a LinkedIn profile that show your strengths. Plus, you’ll gain internship search skills.

Year 3: Refining Your Skills

In your third year, the focus turns to refining your interviewing and networking skills. You’ll participate in employer-conducted mock interviews and critique close to 20 more interviews.