Scoring an Internship at the N.E. Patriots

Nichols Senior, Mackenzie Walsh, ran the equivalent of a perfect pass route when she networked her way into an internship with the New England Patriots football team this past semester.

As an intern in the Patriots marketing department, part of Walsh’s job description includes writing proposals to present to companies,” she says. “That includes working with advertisers such as Dunkin’ Donuts and Nike to make sure their brands are clearly displayed in strategic locations around Foxboro Stadium,” she adds.

Walsh says that Nichols has prepared her for the internship through her classes and projects, including Effective Speaking, Business Marketing and the Professional Development Seminar (PDS).“Effective speaking helped me because it taught me how to speak in public without being nervous. After the class, I was able to do a ten minute presentation and sound professional when I was speaking with senior management at the Patriots,” she says.

The work also dovetails well with the Sales Management course Walsh is taking and also the fact that she is currently President of the Marketing and Communication Club on campus. “That’s the best part about marketing,” she says, “I can get into event planning, sales, or public relations. I can go so many directions in a company.”

Some of her most intriguing work involves prepping owner Robert Kraft and other Patriots executives with information on the VIPs who attend home games. “That includes a picture, the person’s position in (his or her) organization, a quick blurb about who he or she is,” Walsh explains, as well as a seat location, “in case Mr. Kraft wants to know.”

Walsh came to her internship with some solid experience, having interned during her junior year for the Worcester Sharks, the city’s minor league entry in the American Hockey League. Over the past decade, Nichols has developed an impressive history of student internships with big-league teams including the Red Sox, Boston Bruins, and Celtics as well as students who go to New York to work with the Knicks and Rangers.

Through all of her internship experiences, Walsh credits Nichols with helping prepare her for the interview process through resume writing workshops and practice interviews. “I would not have received my internships without the help of Nichols faculty and staff,” she adds.