Mallan Myrie ’24


Wilmington, Delaware

Class Year:




Eight Questions* with Mallan Myrie

1. Why did you choose Nichols?

I chose Nichols because it was the best option for me.

2. In what extracurricular, leadership or athletics activities are you involved?

I am the President of Men of Distinction. I participated in BOLT (Bison Orientation Leadership Team) this last summer, and I am part of the Emerging Leaders Program as well.

3. Tell us about a favorite assignment or project at Nichols and why it remains memorable.

My favorite assignment at Nichols has to be in my writing classes, being able to write about my favorite music artist or piece of literature was cool.

4. When and where are you happiest at Nichols?

A calm place for me is Daniels Auditorium.

5. What are your plans after graduation and how has Nichols prepared you for your career?

Nichols has prepared me by providing me with opportunities to meet people and enhance my networking skills, which has allowed me to gain more opportunities and participate in experiential learning.

6. What do you consider your greatest Nichols achievement?

Graduating college.

7. Describe your Nichols classmates in three words.

Detemined, iconic and leaders.

8. What advice would you give to future Bison?

Never be afraid to say "yes."

*Why eight questions? Nichols College is ranked No. 8 nationally among undergraduate business schools for salary potential by Payscale.

Hometown: Barre, MA

Class: '24

Major: Corporate Finance & Investment

Minor: International Business