Learning By Doing

Here you’ll learn by doing—and learn from experience

Learning that goes beyond the textbook—and beyond the classroom—is an important part of the Nichols academic experience. From consulting work to course-related travel to internships and more, you’ll find many hands-on learning opportunities that will also help you build a resume of relevant experience that’s sure to impress.

Consulting Projects

Many students get the chance to perform real consulting work for actual companies as part of the course curriculum in a range of programs, from marketing to criminal justice to human resources. Our faculty’s industry connections are a source for projects, which often mirror the type of projects that MBA or graduate students complete.

Field Experiences

Faculty seek out ways for you to practice concepts and skills in real scenarios as part of your coursework. For example, you may plan an event. You may act as a “secret shopper” to assess customer service practices. You may make investments using a simulated worldwide market-trading arena. Or you may develop a full-fledged business plan for a new product, and more.

Faculty-Led Travel

Every year, members of the Nichols faculty design and lead short-term academic trips throughout the US and abroad, offering interested students a unique learning opportunity. Through these course-related trips, you’ll go to exciting places—and see course concepts in action. Read more about our faculty-led travel abroad opportunities.

Other travel is designed by faculty to enhance your professional skills. For example, you may be invited to deliver a presentation on industry topics at a regional or national conference. You may attend our annual trip to New York City to interview and network with alumni. Or you may take a road trip with us down the east coast to scope out other leading businesses, and more.

Public Speaking and Presentations

To build confidence and prepare you for any professional interaction, practice in public speaking is built into the curriculum throughout our programs. Plus, events such as our annual Elevator Speech Competition, Etiquette Dinner and speed networking events can help you further sharpen your public speaking skills.

Internships and Practicums

Any and all internships are valuable opportunities to test what you’ve learned in a real-world environment. Every student at Nichols College completes at least one credit-bearing internship or experiential learning opportunity to help prepare you for the job market and improve your network.

Fischer Institute

On campus and off, the Fischer Institute delivers programs that are connected to your coursework and provide context to the political, social and cultural experiences you’ll encounter throughout your life, including in your professional life. The Fischer Institute also administers our Cultural Enrichment Program. Students are required to attend Fischer Institute–sponsored events each semester in order to fulfill degree completion requirements through our Cultural Enrichment Program.