General Education Core Curriculum

Drawing on the liberal arts, our General Education Core Curriculum will engage you in enriching and fascinating dimensions of learning. Required of all students, the 53-credit curriculum combines the study of key subject areas with professional and leadership development, all to ensure you’re well-rounded and work-ready once you graduate.

The curriculum is flexible, allowing you to fulfill requirements by taking courses that are aligned with your passions and goals. Our unique focus on Leadership and Professional Development comes to life through our award-winning, four-year Professional Development Seminar. Not to mention, our community-wide emphasis on building knowledge along with career skills, will enhance your job prospects, both today and down the road.

The Humanities and Global Values courses are supplemented by the Fischer Institute’s Fischer Focus events that discuss timely and crucial topics. In addition, the International Student Services Office provides opportunities for you to think critically through exposure to worldwide contemporary issues and ideas across disciplines and cultures. Whether you’re exploring the culture of Peru or partaking in a social justice Fisher Focus event, you’re growing as a person and as a business professional.

General Education Core Courses

Courses are 3 credits each, unless otherwise noted.


  • One College Writing course (select one): ENGL 105 College Writing or ENGL 212 Analytical Writing
  • COMM 152 Effective Speaking
  • One Critical Writing, Reading & Research course (select one): CRIT 201 Critical Writing, Reading and Research; ENGL 213 Introduction to Literature: More Ways Than One; ENGL 214 Culture and Identity in Literature; or other course upon approval
  • One Advanced Writing course (select one): ENGL 320 Fiction Writing, ENGL 321 Professional Writing, ENGL 342 Sports Writing, ENGL 345 Non-Fiction Writing, ENGL 346 Journalism

Leadership & Professional Development

  • LEAD 101 Learning to Lead
  • Professional Development Seminar (4 credits, 1 credit each seminar per year): SEM 139 First-Year Seminar, SEM 239 Sophomore Seminar, SEM 339 Junior Seminar, SEM 439 Senior Seminar
  • ITM 123 Digital Applications (1 credit)
  • One Professional Development course (select one): FIN 201 Personal Finance, ITM 202 Advanced Excel, LEAD 203 Leading and Working in Teams, COMM 204 Advanced Business and Professional Communication, COMM 311 Visual Communications, COMM 313 How Women Lead

Social & Behavioral Science

  • ECON 221 Principles of Microeconomics or ECON 222 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Any History, Political Science or Interdisciplinary Studies (INTD) course; or GDS 216 Introduction to Gender and Diversity Studies
  • Any Economics, History, Psychology or Sociology course; or either COMM 247 Introduction to Communication Studies or COMM 310 Intercultural Communication

Humanities & Global Values

  • One Global Values course (includes approved courses in History, Literature, Humanities and Religion)
  • Two Humanities courses (Art, Dance, Literature, Music, Philosophy or Religion; two choices must be in two different disciplines)

Math & Applied Science

  • One Science course
  • One Mathematics course
  • One course from Economics, Mathematics, Psychology or Science
  • Statistics

Writing Intensive

  • One writing intensive is a requirement.