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Liberal Arts Core Curriculum

The world and its people are at the core of our BA degree. So are the analytical and communication skills that you need for your career.

A Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree at Nichols College provides a broadly-based education where you'll gain a wide knowledge of subjects as you study the world and its people from various perspectives. You'll develop a deep knowledge of your chosen major, and you'll build a solid intellectual foundation for a lifetime of learning. And you'll strengthen your communication skills and your ability to think analytically, critically and creatively -- all skills that employers highly value.

As a BA student, you’ll complete a total of 120 credit hours for your degree, including our Liberal Arts Core courses for 15 credit hours, about 30 credit hours in your chosen major as well as 53 credit hours in our General Education Core Curriculum. You also have the option of adding a minor  into your academic program to complement your chosen concentration.

Our Liberal Arts Core Curriculum, which every BA student completes, allows you the flexibility to choose from a wide range of courses to fulfill the categories. This curriculum includes a Liberal Arts Capstone, which is an interdisciplinary course that emphasizes leadership skills, critical thinking, research, writing and presenting.

Liberal Arts Core Courses

Interpreting Our Stories: Origins

Select 1 course (3 credits) from:

  • ENGL 235 The Classics: World Literature I
  • ENGL 236 Shakespeare and His World: World Literature II
  • ENGL 314 The Pursuit of Happiness: American Literature I
  • HIST 201 United States History to 1865
  • HIST 207 World Civilizations I
  • HIST 315 Constitutution and American Democratic Tradition
  • HIST 355 Civil War

Interpreting Our Stories: Modern to Contemporary

Select 1 course (3 credits) from:

  • ENGL 237 The 18th and 19th Centuries: World Literature III
  • ENGL 238 The Modern World Through Literature: World Literature IV
  • ENGL 315 Creating the Modern American: American Literature II
  • HIST 202 United States History from 1865
  • HIST 208 World Civilizations II
  • HIST 339 History of Modern Europe Since 1815
  • HIST 359 United States History since 1945
  • HIST 360 America and Vietnam
  • HIST 369 World History Since 1945
  • Special Topics in HIST and PSCI             

Examining the Human Condition

Select either option (6 credits):

  • HUM 244 Critical Thinking and any course 200 or above in PHIL, PSCI, PSY, REL, SOC, or Special Topics in INTD


  • Any two courses 200 or above in PHIL, PSCI, PSY, REL, SOC, or Special Topics in INTD

Making Connections

  • LA 400: Liberal Arts Capstone
    As part of the Liberal Arts Core, all BA students will also complete the Liberal Arts Capstone. This is a theme-based interdisciplinary seminar course that emphasizes leadership skills, critical thinking, effective research and reading, interviewing, writing and ultimately, presenting.

For descriptions of these courses, see the Nichols College Catalog.