Women of Nichols: Empowering you for success

Do you want to be part of a welcoming, inclusive community where you are valued and supported? Then consider Nichols . . .

Through events, activities, and leadership opportunities, our goal is to . . .

Give you opportunities to make meaningful connections with other female students

This past year, the Women of Nichols (WON) steering committee composed of faculty, staff and students planned several events throughout the year designed solely for women!

Take a look at some past events . . .

Help you develop the confidence to become a future business leader . . .

As a female student at Nichols, I feel like I have a huge advantage. Because I am a woman, I am part of a growing trend of female leaders in business. I believe Nichols is preparing me to reach my fullest potential through female support and engagement. Nichols has shown me how to build an exceptional resume, dress  professionally, and speak in public. I plan on using these tools to help me succeed in the working world.

Stefany Mendez, President 2013 Class Council; team leader; IT Dept.; and 3rd year RA

Encourage You through Mentoring . . .


I am so grateful for the female faculty at Nichols. Professor Westerling is one of my favorite professors at Nichols. She has done so much for me and has been instrumental in encouraging me to pursue an internship at the Washington Center. Without her, I really don't think I would have accomplished and been recognized in the ways that I have. She is so dedicated to her students.

Alison Souza ’13 Business Communication major, Interned at the Washington Center, Fall 2012


Coach Mallet has had a tremendous influence on me. She believed in me as a field hockey player when no other college would and gave me the opportunity to attend college. She is not only my coach but my friend.

Avery Orszulak, ’15, Field Hockey player

Kristan Mallet, Head Women’s Field Hockey and Softball Coach

Coach Mallet wants her players to succeed and will help us whenever we need it. I have never had a coach who wanted the team to succeed so badly. Not only is she a great mentor on the field, but off the field as well. I couldn't have asked for a more caring and successful coach.

Jennifer Townsend, ’15, Field Hockey player

Networking Opportunities

Nichols strongly emphasizes networking in order to help us find jobs and other opportunities. The professors help female students to feel more confident in their area of study and also have access to different contacts in the business world. Since I have been at Nichols, I have done a lot of networking through Professor Charbonneau, other professors, and even through my soccer coach.

Kaitlyn Dibuono, ’11 in Criminal Justice Management; MBA with a concentration in Security Management

Women Taking Advantage of Leadership Opportunities at Nichols

My friends first encouraged me to become active on campus. The biggest thing we heard from our orientation leaders was to be involved. Through my leadership experience, I have become more comfortable in my own skin, especially with my friends. You have to be involved, to make yourself your known.

Anne Laughlin, Class of 2016 Secretary

Conferences and On-campus Speakers

Each year Nichols hosts the Empowering Women in Business conference which is held on the Nichols Campus. Female junior and senior students are eligible to attend.