Melanie Gajewski: Capturing Nichols on Video

Senior Melanie Gajewski has had an animated existence at Nichols, not just because she has a lively interest in so many fields, but because she is becoming an accomplished videographer and animator. A General Business major with concentrations in Marketing, Business Communication, and Economics, Gajewski is most well-known for her animated rendition of a Rubik’s Cube, famous for decades as a colorful and challenging puzzle.

The finished work—which also involved solving that puzzle—contains 400 still shots of different color configurations on the cube, which come to life in a 15-second, rapid-fire sequence. The animation became the centerpiece of a television and web ad for Nichols last year.

“When I was told that the College was going to use the Rubik’s Cube piece for a commercial, my jaw dropped,” Gajewski recalls. “And I’ve had other students say to me, ‘I saw your commercial.’ Being seen is life-changing.” Gajewski appreciates that Nichols has given her the opportunity to do what she loves. “The College created a social media team and a position just for me that didn’t exist before,” she says. “In addition, they helped me find my internship at Vision Advertising.”

As a result of her internship and videography work at Nichols, Gajewski is beginning to realize her niche in marketing. “I’ve been able to pull my real-life experiences into all of my classes. It’s allowed me to connect the dots,” she explains.

“I’m passionate about so many things,” Gajewski admits. “I want to be able to tie in all of my passions into one career.” Some possibilities include owning her own company, becoming a professor, and producing videos. While that may seem like a challenge to some, Gajewski is ready for the adventure. “I feel like something great is going to happen, and Nichols is preparing me for that.”