E.J. Landry: A Big Four Partner with Deloitte

E.J. Landry ‘86, a Partner at Deloitte & Touche LLP has seen many changes in his 27 years in the accounting field and credits Nichols for giving him a solid preparation for his career. As a partner, Landry has responsibilities for his clients and Deloitte’s 180 people in the New England Enterprise Risk Services practice. He also spends time giving back to the community through his involvement with uAspire, Goodwill, United Way of Massachusetts Bay & Merrimack Valley, National Association of Corporate Directors, and St. Malachy Parish in Burlington, MA.

Clearly he feels prepared as a result of his Nichols education. “Nichols provided me with a well-rounded education in accounting and business. I’ve made many lifelong friends, all of whom have had successful careers,” he says.

When Landry graduated from Nichols in 1986, he passed his CPA exam before he graduated—an accomplishment he attributes to his accounting classes. Over the course of his career, he has seen the accounting profession expand beyond external auditing to include governance, internal controls, risk management, consulting and attestation (certification) services. He has also seen a shift toward a more inclusive environment, where a wide range of individuals with differing backgrounds and skill sets are excelling in the profession.

Through the years, Landry has appreciated the flexibility that an accounting degree offers. “Even if a student doesn’t know if they want to go into accounting fulltime—it’s a good base that is highly respected. The skills can transfer into a number of different careers,” he notes. “Many accounting majors go on to other management and executive positions.”

Landry is in a unique position in that he also hires new employees. “A really good candidate has to not only have the right technical skills but be able to build relationships and work in groups,” he notes. Fortunately, Nichols prepares its students for this through numerous class projects, case studies, and internships.

“Based on my interaction with recent Nichols grads, clearly Nichols is doing something right,” he says. “It prepares students well to work in this field and to hit the ground running.”