Bryan Gill: Advocating at the Worcester County DA’s office

When Bryan Gill ‘13 entered the Criminal Justice program at Nichols, he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. However, he’s now found his niche as a Victim Witness Advocate for the Worcester County DA’s office.

“After taking the Crime, Justice, and Society class, I became interested in the court system and decided to pursue an internship in the DA’s office,” Gill says. He recognizes that the internship and its networking opportunities paved the way for a job interview at the DA’s office. “When I interned at the DA’s office during the summer of 2012, I made a lot of contacts with people who helped me when I applied for the position,” he explains.

Gill credits Nichols for giving him the direction and confidence he needed to succeed. “Nichols sets up you for success and gives you opportunities to succeed,” he states. “You make life-long friends with students and faculty. The professors are top-notch, and I give them credit for preparing me to work in the court system.”

With an area that includes Worcester, Auburn, Millbury, Milford, Uxbridge, Gardner and occasionally Dudley, Gill is just one of seven Victim Advocates in the Worcester County DA’s office. While he has to deal with clients on a daily basis and frequently speaks to a group of more than 20 prosecutors, he feels well-prepared thanks to his numerous class presentations throughout college.

Although the job is often challenging, it is gratifying as well. With the responsibility of accompanying a witness or victim (often of domestic abuse) to court, Gill’s job is to make them aware of available housing and financial resources. “It’s very rewarding,” he says. “I am always relieved if there is some kind of resolution to the case, and the victims are helped.”

Gill carries his passion for helping others outside the courtroom by working with college and youth athletes. He coaches a youth baseball team out of Shrewsbury and is the assistant coach to his roommate, Wil Brown, who is the Head Coach of the Nichols women’s Ice Hockey team.