Andrew McCluskey: Serving up Social Media

When Andrew McCluskey, ‘12 started working part-time for Sodexo while in college, little did he know it would lead him to a position as Sodexo’s first-ever Social Media Manager.

As a Management major, McCluskey says that his classes helped him to look at social media from the business perspective. “With exposure to subjects as marketing and sales and operations, I feel prepared to take on this role. While many people look at social media as a way to keep in touch, I look at how a company can use it to improve their business,” he says. “I need to not only let people know what is happening, but why.”

During his senior management seminar, McCluskey appreciated the focus on applying management principles to current events. “The business world changes so much, so I found this discussion and debate more beneficial than just the textbook content,” he explains. “Because of my professor’s expertise, we were also able to benefit from his experience while examining different situations. This helped prepare us to express our viewpoint clearly and concisely when we graduated.”

As the Social Media Manager for not only Nichols, but Bryant University, Assumption College and the University of Bridgeport, McCluskey has his hands full sharing Sodexo’s story through social media coverage on Facebook, Twitter and other venues. However, it’s a role he relishes because of its changing nature. “Because it is a new position, I am allowed to take the keys to the car and run with it,” he explains. “I’m making up the position as I go. When I have successes, they let me go and see what happens.”

Given that he created his own job, McCluskey has some sage advice for seniors. “When looking for a job, look for where you’re needed. Look outside the box for the small opportunity that gets you in the door.”