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Three Nichols Students to Attend “Inside Washington”

Many college students opt for some fun-in-the-sun over winter break; but instead, three savvy Nichols students will be traveling to Washington, D.C., to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes in our nation’s capital: senior Keith Alan Bogan (of Bellingham, MA); senior David Jay Janjua (of Southbridge, MA); and sophomore Stefany Mendez (of Worcester, MA).

Bogan, a business major with a concentration in Criminal Justice Management, hopes to earn a master’s in Political Science after graduation. He recently finished a two month internship with the Seattle Field Office of the Drug Enforcement Administration where he assisted intelligence analysts with background investigations. Bogan will attend “The New Congress” program, which will focus on the impact of the 2010 election year on public policy from a political perspective. He will be present for the swearing-in of the 112th Congress.

Bogan and Janjua will be attending a second week program, entitled “Politics and the Media,” on how candidates use new media forms and formats to bypass both the traditional political process and traditional news gatekeepers. They will visit the Newseum and view interactive exhibits and special programs about the news media and freedom of the press. Janjua, who is enrolled in Nichols 4 to 1 MBA Program, says of his upcoming trip: “I know the importance of grasping opportunities that come to me.”

1Mendez (left), president of the sophomore class and a resident assistant in Remillard Hall, will be attending an intense, two-week program, entitled “Camp David III.” After spending the first week learning about the conflict from key parties involved, she will use a model simulation of an international summit to negotiate an Israeli-Palestinian peace following the footsteps of Camp David I.

“I want to thank Charles Zabriskie, Jr., an active member of our Advisory Council, for providing additional funds for an experience that enables Nichols students to develop their sense of civic engagement, as well as enhance their leadership skills,” says Blanche Milligan, director of the Fischer Policy and Cultural Institute.