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SHOWDOWN published by Dr. Thomas G. Smith

Nichols history chair, Dr. Thomas G. Smith has a new book out this fall called SHOWDOWN: JFK and the Integration of the Washington Redskins. It’s set in 1961, when the only professional football team without a black player on its roster was the Washington Redskins. Opposing the Redskin’s principal owner, George Preston Marshall, was Interior Secretary Stewart Udall, who was determined to reflect Kennedy's New Frontier ideals.

Dr. Smith has been interviewed for a segment on NPR’s popular news radio program, "All Things Considered," which airs this Sunday, September 4th, on WBUR-FM (90.9), Boston from 5-6 p.m. In addition, an excerpt from SHOWDOWN will appear in Washingtonian Magazine.

Published by Beacon Press, SHOWDOWN is now available through Amazon or Barnes & Noble Booksellers. Smith is the author of two other books, INDEPENDENT: A Biography of Lewis Douglas (with Bob Browder) and GREEN REPUBLICAN: John Saylor and the Preservation of America's Wilderness.

Smith is a fervent fan of the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Dodgers.