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Seniors Set Their Aim at Target

As graduation day nears, finding a job is a top priority for seniors at Nichols and at colleges around the country. For 2012 grads Ed Baia, Alexa Boucher, and Julianne Proulx, internships this past summer with Target Corporation paid off. All three students have accepted positions as executive team leaders at the company upon their graduation in May.

“It’s a major weight off my shoulders,” Baia said. “Target is still a growing company, and I want to grow with them.”

For their internships, all three students were placed in different stores throughout New England: Baia, in Danvers, MA; Boucher, in Hadley, MA; and Proulx, in Smithfield, RI. They performed day-to-day tasks acting as managers within the store. Upon completion of their internships, each worked on a project to make improvements in their specific store. They presented their results to their district store team leaders, district team leaders, and to Target’s campus recruiter, Brittney Case ’09.

As his project, Baia focused on location accuracy in his store’s freezer and coolers, while Boucher chose “Driving Profitable Sales in Electronics,” and Proulx took on team member training. Each made a significant impact in their respective stores. Their success played a role in being asked to join the Target team.

Proulx says that joining that team was simple as she enjoys the fact that in settings such as Target, it’s rare that any team member will do the same task every day. “Every day brings a new task and a new interaction,” she notes.

Boucher loves the room for growth at Target. She states, “Retail management may not always be glamorous, but you can grow.”

All three seniors credit their Nichols education to their success with Target. Boucher commented on her confidence in public speaking, thanks to classes such as Effective Speaking and the Professional Development Seminar, which allowed her to confidently network with other team members and company leaders.

Proulx said that she was able to incorporate lessons from her management classes and use them in real life situations. Baia said his experience with mock interviews paid off as he was conducting first and second round interviews for new team members during his internship experience.

All three have similar advice for fellow Bison hoping to take part in the internship program: learn as much as you can, have an open mind, and take advantage of the experience it provides.

Senior Ed Baia did the research for this article.