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Palestinian Hip Hop Trio Perform in Daniels Auditorium

The movie Slingshot Hip Hop was shown in Nichols College’s Daniels Auditorium Nov. 13th following an interview of the Palestinian trio DAM (featured in the movie) by WNRC 97.5 FM's Atlantis Price, host of programs airing every Sunday night from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m., including Hott Mixx, Indie Corna and Lovers Hour.

The articulate rappers had this to say during the interview:

  • "Political Hip Hop is our CNN."
  • "Art is more effective than violence," "Hip Hop is our weapon."
  • "We have hope, and hope is like a flame in the darkness of a cave."

Slingshot Hip Hop braids together the stories of young Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank (areas occupied by Israel) as they discover Hip Hop and employ it as a tool to surmount divisions imposed by occupation and poverty. From internal checkpoints and separation walls to gender norms and generational differences, this is the story of young people crossing the borders that separate them. In DAM's performance on screen, bottled up aggression is channelled on stage.

Founded in 1997, DAM’s trio, Tamar Nafar, Suhell Nafar, and Mahmoud Jreri, usually rap in Arabic and occasionally in Hebrew. Hip Hop has grown in popularity in Israel and Palestine and elsewhere in the Arab World, and include artists such as: Arabsummit, The Philistines, The Nomads, Shadia Monsour, SAZ, Free the P, Ramallah Underground, ALIB, Sons of Hagar and The Freedoms.