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Painted Narratives and Character Studies Inspire Nichols Students

On Friday, September 9th, the Fischer Institute Art Gallery Opening featured the work of Suzanne Schireson. Schireson attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and completed a joint BFA through the University of Pennsylvania. In 2008, she received her MFA from Indiana University.

From Budapest to Norway, Schireson has traveled the world in search of inspiration and has exhibited her work nationally. She is currently a lecturer at the University of New Hampshire in the Department Art and Art History and lives in Boston.

Nichols Creative Director Pat Korch said of the exhibit: “I loved to watch Nichols students interact with this regional artist. She was very forthcoming about her inspiration and process.” First-year student Samantha L. Barrett said: “It was a great experience to go to an art opening. Suzanne's art was incredible and she made it a point to get to know every student who walked through the door.”

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