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Nichols Parent Wows Dudley 4th Graders

Canadian Author Visits Dudley 4th Graders

Principal Terri Caffelle introduced author Robert Feagan to Dudley Elementary School’s 4th graders on December 7th. Students listened attentively to Feagan’s adventures in the Northern Territories of Canada, including learning about arctic animals, native peoples, hunting in the wild and how to survive an attack by a muskox. Robert’s son, Michael Feagan, is a first-year student at Nichols College and member of the ice hockey team; the event was co-sponsored by the Fischer Institute.

Born in Fort McPherson, Canada, author Robert Feagan grew up accompanying his father, a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, on sled dog patrols of the Mackenzie Delta. During this time, Feagan had the opportunity to live in and, visit all of Canada's provinces and territories. After graduating from Dalhousie University in 1982, he returned home, but still traveled extensively.

His novels Napachee and Mystery at Shildii Rock were inspired by a desire to teach young people more about the north in an entertaining and realistic fashion. 

In his latest novel, Artic Thunder, fourteen-year-old Mike’s team has just won the Alberta Bantam Provincial box lacrosse championships when his father is transferred to the Northwest Territories. As his friendships develop, Mike is introduced to the amazing athleticism of traditional arctic sports, and the idea for an Inuvik lacrosse team is born.

The Feagan family resides in Edmonton, Alberta.