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Nichols Class of 2012 - 91 Percent Employed Six Months after Graduation

The Nichols annual graduate survey is complete and the results are impressive. Six months after receiving their degrees, 91% of the respondents from the Class of 2012 are employed full time or are attending graduate school. The latest results match the same percentage at this time last year for the Class of 2011.

Conducted by the Office of Career Services, the survey relied on a questionnaire, bolstered by telephone calls, emails and a scan of career-connected sites such as LinkedIn to obtain the maximum response rate, which was approximately 87%.

Director of Career Services, Liz Horgan says the employment numbers are particularly significant in light of a much higher unemployment rate nationally for new college grads. “Considering the economy, I think we’ve performed very well,” she says.

Several factors contribute to the grads’ employment success. Nichols Office of Career Services provides an aggressive program to match fourth-year students with potential jobs, including: yearly hosting one of the largest, New England career fairs; an online job database and resource library called the Road to Success, on-campus recruiting, InterviewStream which enables students to practice interviewing via a webcam and review the results with staff; and hands-on advice on how to effectively use social media to network and pursue job opportunities.

The College’s extensive career-related internship offerings and signature Professional Development Seminar (PDS) also contribute to the steady employment levels for recent Nichols graduates. Through the program, students learn to network, interview for jobs and internships, write their resume, develop a portfolio, and ultimately launch a successful career.