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Nichols Business Students Get Practical Legal Advice for Startups

Professors R.L. Hilliard and Maryanne Conrad asked Lawyer Courtney Carr to be a guest speaker in two their Entrepreneurial Management classes.  An associate in the Litigation/Controversy Department at WilmerHale in Boston, Carr was on the Hill Wednesday, October 9th, to discuss how today’s business owners face increasingly complex demands that can be bewildering at times and to advise students interested in pursuing a legal career.

Carr began her presentation by stating that there are many different types of law that have an impact on large and small businesses alike, from contract, trademark , and labor law—to tort and tax law. She gave the students several hypothetical situations in civil law which highlight important areas for business owners to understand and engaged the audience by using student names from each class on each case presented.

The 27-year-old Carr has a 2009 Juris Doctor degree in law, summa cum laude, from Suffolk University Law School and a 2006 Bachelor of Arts in Government and History, magna cum laude, from Colby College with Honors in History and Distinction in Government.

Carr is the granddaughter of James Lawson Conrad Jr., Nichols College historian and author of Nichols Academy: The Spring on the Hill 1815-1931, and the great-granddaughter of James L. Conrad, who was elected president of Nichols Junior College of Business Administration on April 1, 1931 and served the institution loyally for several decades.

Do You Have An Entrepreneurial Instinct?

Forbes’ website has posted a 31-question quiz to determine “Your Entrepreneurial Instinct.” The test presents hypothetical situations drawn from interviews with hundreds of successful entrepreneurs. One aspect of personality that measures how receptive you are to new experiences and ideas is OPENNESS. Follow this link to the test: