Nichols College News

Graduate & Professional Studies to Offer New 4+1 M.B.A.

On Dec. 14th, Dean of Graduate & Profession Studies Larry Muller announced that Nichols College will offer an accelerated, full-time, 4+1 M.B.A. for the spring 2011 semester. The program targets undergraduate business students who thrive on the challenge of earning a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Business Administration in just five years.

“With a resounding endorsement by our business faculty, we anticipate the Program to be a huge success,” says Rayanne Drouin, director of enrollment and marketing for Nichols Graduate & Professional Studies. “We already have 20 seniors who are in the pipeline.”

The benefits of the 4+1 M.B.A. are numerous, including: a 10 percent reduction in the cost of graduate coursework (given to all alumni), a cohort learning model which establishes strong partnerships with classmates, and the advantage of entering a career path with an advanced business degree. In addition, existing Nichols day students may take advantage of the benefits of being a full-time student including campus housing, student services and athletic eligibility.

Nichols M.B.A. Program began in 1975 with just a handful of graduates. Today, the robust Program has conferred more than 1,882 degrees with some notable change to the typical student profile. “The average age of today’s student is 32 years-of-age,” says Drouin, “with 51 percent male and 48 percent female.”

In the executive search industry, an M.B.A. is seen as having particular value for those pursuing the title of CEO. Since one in 10 of Nichols graduates becomes a CEO, president, or business owner, it’s not surprising that there is an excited buzz on campus about the 4+1 M.B.A.

“Based on valuable feedback from our current business students, their quest for an M.B.A. is part of an intentional career path strategy,” notes Drouin. “The Nichols business student is looking to learn skills that they can apply right away at work, increasing their value as a new hire.”