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Music Therapy Is Good for the Soul

On September 2nd, Dr. Dorrie Nang’s Fundamentals of Music class was treated to a presentation by a board certified music therapist in the Currier Center at Nichols College.

Coro graduated from the music therapy program at Molloy College in Long Island, New York, and has a private practice working with patients in public and private schools, community outreach programs, nursing homes, and adult special needs programs.

Music therapy uses music to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship. The practice began after WWI and WWII when it was discovered that music helped speed recovery at veteran’s hospitals. It has been used to treat substance abuse, mental disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, physical disabilities, acute and chronic pain, autistic spectrum disorders, and genetic disorders.

Coro states that she primarily uses live music, including singing, playing instruments, and song writing, and sometimes uses listening activities to enhance the relaxation of her patients. “Basically,” she says, “music is a tool to realize change in the individual.”