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Internship Gives Global Experience

General Business major Samantha Hardigan is covering all the bases when it comes to entering the workforce after graduating from Nichols College in May 2012.

Her academics have concentrated on three key areas in today’s global business environment, including International Business, Marketing, and Information Technology Management, and last summer, she completed an internship at Gentex Optics Inc. in Mass., a subsidiary of the world’s leading provider of eyeglass lenses,  Essilor.

What is unique about Hardigan’s workplace experience is the fact that she was entrusted by her supervisor, the director of purchasing, to complete a purchasing matrix analyzing five Gentex locations, including a plant location in Mexico. Categories included: organizational structure; process documentation; frequency of needs analyzed; strategies for negotiating with suppliers; supplier evaluation; technical competencies; training; goals and targets; and much more.

Hardigan’s presentation of her findings to Gentex management  included some 35, very detailed, Powerpoint slides.

Listen to what Hardigan has to say about her experience: