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Hip-Hop As a Springboard

Speaker A.K. Asante, Jr at the podium On Feb. 7th, Nichols College began its celebration of Black History Month with a presentation by award-winning author and filmmaker A.K. Asante, Jr. The event was sponsored by the Robert C. Fischer Policy and Cultural Institute.

Asante told students to “turn your observations into obligations” and take action in changing the status quo, a theme advanced in his latest book: It’s Bigger than Hip-Hop. His other books are: Beautiful. And Ugly Too and Like Water Running Off My Back, winner of the Jean Corrie Prize from the Academy of American Poets.

“When Asante broke down the etymology of the word hip-hop,” said Nasha Pierre, president of Nichols UMOJA Club for students of color, “he emphasized the importance of enlightened action. As one of the most important voices of his generation, it was wonderful to have him as springboard to discuss social justice.”

Asante studied at the University of London, earned a BA from Lafayette College, and an MFA from the UCLA School of Film and Television. He is a tenured professor of creative writing and film in the Department of English and Language Arts at Morgan State University.

(Above) Nichols sophomore Jasmyn Silva (Plymouth, MA) with Asante

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