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Female Students Told to Aim High

“Aim for the highest rather than the mediocre. Do something because no one else has done it before,” was the message nearly 70 first-year female students heard as they came together for a night of food, fun and informational sessions. Dubbed “Girls Night Out” and sponsored by Women of Nichols (WON), the March 4th event in Daniels Auditorium promised to give women “52 tips that every woman should know.”

Using women such as Vera Wang, Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey and Hillary Clinton as examples, former stand-up comedienne and Assistant Dean of Students at Mount Ida College, Laura Deveau, asked students to consider the answers to a series of questions: Who inspires you? Who tests you? Who values you? Who defines you? Who controls you? Who knows you?

Deveau encouraged the women to be willing to put everything on the line for something they are passionate about. “Now’s the time to take risks. Draw from the experiences of others but also from within yourself.”

The event was designed to show first-year women that they have a connection with each other says PJ Boggio, Director of Residence Life. “We wanted to offer female students a fun evening. But we are also trying to show the first-year women that they have a connection and an inherent responsibility to look out for each other and contribute to the greater community of Nichols.“

Featuring a speed dating-like format, stations included topics such as women’s health issues, beauty tips, car maintenance and palm reading for fun. Dudley Police Dispatcher Kris Munger demonstrated self-defense techniques and offered practical tips such as being aware of surroundings instead of texting while walking outdoors. Car mechanic Samantha Fisher demonstrated vital items under a car’s hood including how to jump start a car and locate the spare tire.

So far the response to the event has been very positive says Boggio. “The young women who attended came away inspired to do more to reach their full potential. It’s been great to hear them talking about the event days afterward and knowing that they appreciated it and that it left such a positive impression on them.”

“The speaker was inspiring,” says first-year student Janine Coleman. “She encouraged us to focus on accomplishing our goals and dreams.”

The evening ended with all participants receiving black tee shirts with the WON logo on the front. Boggio hopes to continue the momentum of the WON group by offering similar events in the future for upper-class female students.