Nichols College News

Colloquium Lets Students Shine


A Nichols College Colloquium let students discuss and display spring semester projects to a larger campus audience. Held in the Ingraham Room on Tuesday, April 5th, the fair was the brain-child of Marissa Loon, director of Academic Services, and included team support from Professors Len Harmon, Kellie Deys, and Nicholas Barnes.

“There was fantastic work presented,” said Loon, “and I was thrilled that so many came to see the great things our Nichols students are working on, inside and outside of the classroom.” Awards were presented to Caroline Monroe for best academic project; Kate Dyson for best creative project; and Tom Haggerty, Vivian Ruge and Kevin Quinn for best service project.

Mathematics and English major Monroe, a junior, created extensive Excel spreadsheets examining how fluctuating interest rates effect monthly payments, as well as total interest paid on a mortgage. “I used these spreadsheets to determine the most effective way to purchase and pay off a home,” she said.

Accounting and Finance major Dyson, also a junior, wrote a personal narrative called “Places Inspired by Toilets. “A toilet has always been a unique landmark associated with places I’ve lived,” she said. “I’d like the Nichols College community to recognize that while we do attend a business school, our class work can also be personal and creative.”

Haggerty, Ruge and Quinn worked as a group to film a video for Nichols “Be the Change Week.” The video was based on another called “The Lost Generation.” Students, faculty and staff were filmed.

Other participating students included: Tyler Burlingame; Melissa Card; Stephen Carella; Robert Russo; Robert Binnall; David Jones; Megan Finacom; Stephanie Rideout; Ari Vieira; and Brittany Witkus.