Nichols a Top School for Supporting Upward Economic Mobility

DUDLEY, Mass.— Nichols College, a private, four-year business college, is ranked as a top school for upward economic mobility of students, according to a study by Stanford University Professor of Economics and economics researcher Raj Chetty.

The study shows that Nichols has the 13th-highest success rate nationally out of 578 selective private colleges for students achieving a higher economic status than the one they grew up in. Nichols also has the eighth-highest success rate out of 82 private colleges in New England on the same measure.

“At Nichols, we’re all about value,” said Nichols College President Susan West Engelkemeyer, Ph.D. “Our success metrics for upward economic mobility prove it.

“This study demonstrates that Nichols College creates academic programs that give students more value for their degree,” she added.

As stated on The Equality of Opportunity Project’s website, the goal was to “use data on 30 million college students to construct mobility report cards—publicly available statistics on students’ earnings and their parents’ incomes—for each college in America.” 

In addition to Professor Chetty, the study’s other researchers are John N. Friedman, Emmanuel Saez, Nichols Turner, and Danny Yagan.

Learn more about the study here.

Read about the study in these New York Times articles:

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