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Study Abroad Students Welcomed Home

Five current Nichols seniors who had spent the past term studying abroad were officially welcomed back Wednesday evening, September 12th, by faculty, administrators, and President Susan West Engelkemeyer at The Global Connections Reception held at the Black Tavern.

Two of the seniors, Andrew Lowell and Matthew Sullivan, followed a well-worn path by previous Nichols students to Regents College in London. David Gonzalez took the spring term in Barcelona, Spain, while Briana DellaMura studied in Rome, Italy.

Kyle Mascilak, meanwhile, broke new ground for the Nichols Study Abroad Program by sojourning in Budapest, Hungary. “Eastern Europe only recently has become open as a destination for students,” observes Blanche Milligan, who directs the program.

“I didn’t really know anything about Hungary, to be honest,” Mascilak says, noting that he had already made previous trips to countries in western Europe. “I wanted to push my comfort zone.”

In Budapset, Mascilak—a general business major focusing on marketing, economics, and MIS--attended Corvinus University, where he took classes in Economics and the European Union, Global Politics, and Economics and Culture, all taught in English to a group of international students from countries such as China, Russia, and Peru. The students also had to take a Hungarian language course.

“It was a lot more interesting because of the international student body and their ideas, values, and perceptions,” Mascilak observes, adding that his first three years at Nichols helped prepare him for the experience. “The way classes were taught here and a lot of the professors gave me the confidence and open-mindedness to get what I needed out of my classes in Budapest.”

Mascilak went farther than Hungary in his travels, using the city as a jumping off point to visit Poland, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, and Turkey. “He loved it, and the experience for him was to do something new,” Millligan says of Mascilak’s time in Budapest and beyond.

View an archive of Kyle Mascilak’s photograpy from abroad.

The five seniors were not the only Nichols students to spend the second half of their junior year away from campus. Stephanie Lee, Chelsey Miller, and Matthew Quigley all attended the Washington Center, in the District of Columbia. Senior Allison Souza is following in their footsteps during the current term.

On the overseas front, senior Charles Marcinkewich and junior Dylan Paton are spending the fall term in Barcelona, and senior Michelle Cheng is in London, where she is doing an internship in international business.

Senior Viviana Ruge accomplished a first for the Study Abroad Program when she elected to study and intern in Shanghai, China this fall.