Nichols College News

Ninety-three percent of 2013 Nichols Grads Employed

In the six months since they graduated, 93% of the Nichols class of 2013 have found jobs or entered graduate school, according to a survey released earlier this month by the school’s Office of Career Services.

The figures follow on those of the past several years, in which the rate also exceeded 90%.

A number of the new graduates have secured work in central Massachusetts, including the Worcester County District Attorney’s Office, accounting firm Alexander Aronson Finning, and medical software company Meditech.

The results come against the backdrop of a persistently high national unemployment rate. “It’s hard out there, with more unemployed, experienced people going for the same positions that would ordinarily be entry level,” observes Director of Nichols Career Services Liz Horgan (pictured).

That employment landscape has tested the networking skills that the Nichols graduates developed while they were here, Horgan says. “They’re using every connection that they have.”

While two thirds of the 2013 grads are working in full time jobs and 15% are enrolled in graduate schools, 10% are employed part-time.

Horgan says that a number of students in the latter category are working part-time intentionally. “They have very targeted career interests and have found opportunities that are helping them gain experience and new strengths,” she explains.

A case in point, Horgan continues, is that of a Sport Management major currently working part-time as a hockey coach. “That makes the most sense for him getting his foot in the door,” she points out.