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Nichols Helps Pay for Dudley Police Car

The Dudley Police Department has purchased an additional police cruiser, thanks in part to a $7,500 contribution from Nichols.

The used vehicle, acquired in July with 34,000 miles on the odometer, continues a tradition of the College pitching in for the capital needs of various Dudley agencies. Last year, Nichols helped finance an ice rescue sled for the local fire department.

“We heard that there was a need for a newer police car, so we offered the amount necessary to make the purchase possible,” says Nichols Vice President for Marketing and International Partnerships Tom Cafaro.

The vehicle arrived none to soon, adds Dudley Police chief Steven Wojnar, who notes that its predecessor had passed 150,000 miles and was facing yet another costly transmission replacement. Dudley maintains a fleet of nine marked and unmarked police cars.

Cafaro (pictured with Wojnar and Nichols President Susan West Engelkemeyer) points out that Dudley and Nichols have a long record of cooperation. “The College has always been involved in helping and working with the community,” Cafaro says. “We support each other.”

“We’ve worked really well together over the years,” agrees Wojnar, who is in his 10th year as Dudley’s police chief.

The Dudley police patrol the campus on weekends, the local district attorney’s office helps train the school’s resident assistants in legal issues that can arise for students, and fire department officials provide fire safety training.