Nichols College News

Nichols, Dudley Celebrate Together

On a pleasant early August evening, almost 150 members of the Nichols and Dudley communities renewed their annual rite of summer at the College’s 35th annual Dudley Appreciation Day Gathering.

Photo: Alan Brackett

The gathering on August 7th, with its informal buffet supper and easy mingling of guests on the Nichols campus, lets officials and staff members from Nichols and its hometown get to know each other better.

“I think it’s helpful,” says Dudley Town Administrator Peter Jankowski, who attended the event for the fourth time in his six-year tenure. “It gives a lot of the rank and file in the town the chance to interact with their Nichols neighbors. And it shows appreciation of what the folks in town do and how we all work together,” from the permitting process to fire and police protection.

“It takes a supportive and dedicated community to ensure that our students develop into productive citizens who give back, not only to Nichols, but to the communities where they live,” noted Nichols President Susan West Engelkemeyer in her prepared speech to those attending. “You enable us to provide those opportunities for our students.”

Engelkemeyer also presented an update on college affairs, as she cited the work of curriculum committees to strengthen degree programs and the corporate partnerships that continue to grow in Dudley and surrounding communities. She also pointed to the almost-completed Student Center as a “hub for the campus, where students will gather for events, classes, and a bite to eat.”

Besides Jankowski, Dudley officials at the gathering included Selectmen Steven Sullivan, Paul Joseph, Peter Fox, and John Marsi, as well as town Treasurer Richard Carmignani. “We’ve had a good relationship with Nichols,” observed Jankowski. “But in recent years, that relationship has gotten even better.”